The Birthing of Awaken Us…

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awakenusplayThe birthing of Awaken Us began when Terry & Barbi Franklin heard about the revival taking place among Christians in Egypt that started from a 40-day fast at the end of 2010.  They heard God’s voice calling them to go see for themselves what God was doing there.  Experiencing the revival first-hand and speaking with leaders fed their deep burden to see this same kind of heart-felt revival and awakening in America.  Having traveled all across the U.S. and in 37 countries around the world for 29 years as musical revivalists, “Inspiring Love in the Home & Revival in the Church” (see, their trip to Egypt gave them a greater desire to see this kind of spiritual transformation in North America.

The video link below is an interview with Dr. Sameh Maurice of Kasr El Dobara Church in Cairo, Egypt, the church that began the 40-day fast at the end of 2010. Their church experienced revival that is spreading like wildfire in churches across Egypt and the Middle East, even in the face of heartbreaking persecution.  Now, literally millions of muslims are coming to Christ across the Middle East.

This video inspired nearly 500 churches and 30,000 individuals throughout America to join Terry & Barbi Franklin for “Awaken Us: 40 Days to Fast and Pray” at the end of 2011. Many believers are now seeing that we, too, need a kind of “revolution”… a spiritual revolution of repentance.  Without this, we will surely lose our nation as we have known it.

EgyptClick on this picture to view video of Barbi’s interview with Dr. Sameh Maurice

2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

A Few words from Terry & Barbi…
“We think you’ll agree, America desperately needs revival…beginning in our churches.  We have been  greatly inspired by the Egyptian Christians since first hearing that they went into a unified fast in 2010. This resulted in many miracles as revealed, in part, by this video.  Prior to recording this interview (in August of 2011) we had this burning thought… ‘Why can’t our American churches do what these committed believers did?’”

“Following the Egyptian’s 40-day fast in 2010,  a spirit of repentance blew across the desert regions and thousands of Muslims began to turn to Jesus Christ throughout Egypt and the Middle East. A fervent prayer movement began, and has continued in many churches.

Could it be that this end-time harvest — as well as the persecution of believers — is a fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 and 39?  We believe so, that “the Day of the Lord” is fast approaching and Jesus is coming soon.

But while revival is happening on the other side of the world, it seems that our own country is spiritually going the other way. Christians are wandering away from God and His ways. We need to beg God to awaken us from our slumber, humble ourselves, and turn back to God, crying out to Him to heal our land!

“We were encouraged to see many join us for fasting and prayer from November 21st to December 31st, 2011, praying for revival in our churches and spiritual awakening in our land. American Family Association and many other Christian organizations listed on this website partnered with us to get the word out.  But the work has just begun.  We are keeping this website up and running to inform you of reports of revival in churches, as well as fasting and prayer movements being birthed across our nation.

“Our purpose at Awaken Us is to inspire, unify, and inform.  At this website, you’ll find many tools in the days to come to help you fast and pray, as well as pertinent videos, music, informative website links, a Calendar of Events that you can join, and “revival sightings.”  We are expecting a great “last days” harvest of souls, even as things look darker in our nation!  We MUST watch and pray and be ready to reap this harvest!

“Let’s unite together, humble ourselves, and follow the example of these passionate Egyptian Christians.  Let’s storm the gates of Heaven, pleading with God to give us another historic ‘Great Awakening’ here in America.”

Terry & Barbi Franklin
Awaken Us

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5 Responses to The Birthing of Awaken Us…

  1. Jabezman says:

    I begin the day today of ’40 Day Fast and Prayer. Remembering the long Catholicism trail – 15 years – to conversion, Christianity, surrender to ministry on March 5, 1952, more than 56 years, now, answering the call to ‘prayer, revival, spiritual awakening and evangelism’ I am committed to see God move between now and 2012. My old preacher at FBC, Ocean Springs, MS, 1947-1953 moved into a new pastorate with a ‘strange’ appeal: set aside a ‘little room’ as a prayer room in this place and wait on God to answer; his verse was Jer.33.3 where God said, “Call unto me….” I saw it work then and look for it now. Moody Monthly magazine (1950/51) did a feature article called “The Little Room of Power” – research will attest that God did come to town and do a work at old FBC, Ocean Springs, MS. My ministry, Prayer Time Ministries for all of my ministry to date, has carried me across American, both oceans – east and west – even the Holy Land, twice, and God is ready for a great spiritual awakening. I’m a participant. I appreciate your web site, Facebook and will monitor it regularly. Praying Jebez’s prayer, 1Chron.4.9-10, and looking forward to the day when Heaven comes down to earth! Oh God, do it again!

  2. Luke17879 says:

    The reading for Nov. 22 from “Daily Light on the Daily Path” was focused on prayer guided by the Holy Spirit. A devotional guide titled “At Break of Day” was written many years ago by a man named Fred Mitchell to accompany the “Daily Light” morning readings. Part of his comment on the reading for 11/22 was:
    “Such prayer will be costly for it will mean the setting aside of personal interests and feelings, it will mean saying,–Not my will, in things both great and small, but in so doing we shall find the Holy Spirit praying through us by taking our minds and causing them to think His thoughts, and by taking our hearts and enabling them to express His desires. Because of this, a confidence will be given us which can only come to those who have been enabled to renounce their own wisdom and plans, and be taken up with the purposes of God. This is a confidence which usually only comes in a life which is disciplined by the Spirit of grace and love, and it necessitates that we watch and pray.
    But we shall only learn to pray in the Spirit by praying. This is an art which is taught to the obedient; it is not learnt by reading text-books on prayer, valuable as they may be, but by praying. Guarding our spirit lest it be hindered in its greatest ministry by overmuch talk, or work, or indulgence, let us give ourselves unto prayer, watching with diligence for any signs of flagging or failing.”

    Self-discipline helps us to pray and pray effectively.

  3. smloehr says:

    It really means more to me during this 40 days fast and prayer as we just returned from 14 day Holy Land tour. So 3 weeks ago Friday we were in the Tarhir square outside touring a museum. The people waved to us with great happiness and big smiles on their face as we passed in our bus. Our guide said their people are happy because of the revolution. But anxiety rising for what was to come of the new govt. and elections. I have a much more appreciation for Egypt and knowing there were 7,000 Christians praying for their country. My prayer is for God to create an overturn of 25mil people to come to know Him for his love and mercy and heal their nation. What a miracle that would be to spread through out the world!!!! Egypt we are praying for you, stay strong as you trust and ask for His intervention. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, not to harm you but prosper you !!!!!!!!

  4. LisaAnnH says:

    We are coming together in prayer and fasting on the steps of Altanta State Capital in Georgia at 8:00pm to midnight EST. Come and participate in person or live stream, to be in one accord to pray “One Nation Under God”, Dec 31, 2011 a New Years Eve Revival. See web site:

  5. John Thompson says:

    My fasting experience: Three 21 day fasts and two 40 day fasts (no food…only water).
    The Bible says, “We are fearfully and wonderfully made.” When you are fasting, your worst days are your first two or three. You are breaking loose from your food source-the stomach. After that, you are living from your body, the fat cells, etc.
    On a forty day fast, I lost about 30 to 35 pounds.
    The Bible says, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” You have extra time to spend reading the Word and communing with the Lord. The Lord is our strength and He never slumbers or sleeps.
    I remember on my first 40 day fast, it was amazing how good I felt and the strength I had between days 20 and 30!
    You must be careful how you break your fast. I usually would break mine at 12:00 midnight. I would sip some thin potato soup. I would keep sipping some until time for breakfast. Then I could eat a lightly cooked egg with some grits. I also learned to eat collard greens when coming off a fast. My body would be craving salt and the greens with pepper sauce helped supply that.
    Don’t grab a candy bar at first, or you will regret it!
    These fasts were wonderful experiences for me. I think everybody should try at least one 40 day fast. You will be glad you did.

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