Day 4

Awaken Us: 40 Days to Fast & Pray – Day 4

I believe we are now officially entering the so called Holiday Season.  What is the holiday season for believers?  Well the season starts with Thanksgiving.  What is Thanksgiving?  It is a time to give Thanks to the Lord for his goodness to us.  We need to proclaim the Name of the Lord and praise the greatness of our God.  About a month later comes Christmas.  That is the time we acknowledge that the God of the Universe has come to us, in human form, ultimately destined to offer himself as a sacrifice for our sins.  Not for His sins, for He was sinless.

Why would he do this?   As the bible clearly teaches, He did it so that we might be reconciled to him for eternity.  And not just for us, but for all of creation which has been badly distorted because of sin.  Thanksgiving — focused on God.  Christmas — focused on God.  But what have we in America made of the Holiday Season?   Well, we start on Thanksgiving by getting together with others, a family thing, and a good thing.  We say a quick blessing, thanking God for his provision, then we sweep Him out of the way so we can gorge ourselves on delicious feasts, watch some football, maybe talk a little happy talk with those with whom we have gathered, and come back later for the wonderful leftovers.  Then we spend the next month fretting over decorations and gifts we need to buy for others, and then Christmas comes with candy canes, elves, trees, and well, you get the picture.

Most of us will find a church pew to sit in for an hour or so, but it really is often in the way of things we need to get done.  This is a picture of why we need a revival in America.  To our natural selves, God seems irrelevant at times.  Oh, God, stir in us the dying embers of the burning fire of faith that once characterized the Church.  Awaken us and prod us to be The Church Triumphant.

Marvin Sanders
American Family Radio

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