Day 9

Awaken Us: 40 Days to Fast & Pray – Day 9

We are introduced to the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 1 with a word from the Lord about the way in which Judah turned its back on God, and what is needed for the purification of Jerusalem.  For Christians in America, it is quite instructive since we seem to be headed down the same path in some ways. I will paraphrase the thoughts expressed in that chapter.

“Jerusalem, you have allowed your land to become desecrated with the evil of your hearts.  You are like Sodom and Gomorrah to the Lord.  The Lord is sick of your lip service.  Your sacrifices are noxious in my nostrils.  You call your convocations, your holy festivals, they make the Lord sick.  The Lord says because of your wickedness and following after Baal, don’t bother raising your hands in prayer since the Lord will turn his back on you.  Even if you pray a lot, the Lord will not listen to you. ”

God’s remedy for Jerusalem?  Basically this — Repent!  Stop doing evil and start doing good.  Do justice, Love mercy, and walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8).  It seems that God, although speaking to the nation, expects individuals to do what is right.  If that is the case, we should pray for revival, but it should start with each individual’s own heart.  As I think about it, praying for our nation to be revived is like standing off from a car and asking the car to go down the street to the gas station.  It will not happen unless I take some initiative and do something — like getting behind the wheel, starting the car and driving it down the street.  Repentance, humiliation, and prayer begin with me.  I believe revival will come to our nation as individuals pray something like, “Change my heart, Oh God.”

Marvin Sanders
American Family Radio

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  1. courtney says:

    I see this in our everyday lifes. The U.S. is looking to politicians to save them instead of praying to God for forgiveness and direction. i love the devotion for today.

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