Day 13

Awaken Us: 40 Days to Fast & Pray – Day 13

December has arrived.  The most anticipatory time of the year for Christians are the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Some actively participate in a season called Advent which focuses on the spiritual aspects of Christmas.   Honestly, it is in the spiritual sphere that gives Christmas its true meaning.  As you know, it points to the long awaited arrival of Messiah.   Jesus is his name, God in the flesh.  God became one of us.  He was totally human and totally divine.  As has been observed, he was born in the shadow of the cross. His destiny was to offer himself as a ransom for my sins (which are many).

In one of the bible’s most beautiful symbols, when He went to the cross, He was crucified in place of Barabbas (which means son of the father).  Barabbas was symbolic of every person, in a sense, Children of God in that Christ was willing to  die for the sins of us all so that we could truly be adopted into His family – giving us the right to be called the children of God and to call him Abba – daddy.  Even our non-Christian friends are caught up in anticipation.

Christmas is a big deal in America, even though the winds of humanism are trying to dowse the flames of the fire of the gospel in our time.  But, There is a warm spirit of hope that can overpower that chill wind.  Let’s agree to work to keep the meaning of Christmas front and center.  And “Come, Let Us Adore Him, Christ the Lord.”

Marvin Sanders
American Family Radio

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