Day 15

Awaken Us: 40 Days to Fast & Pray – Day 15

Yesterday we dealt with the subject of fatherlessness, using the scripture, “He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.” Malachi 4:6.

We see the problem of missing dads in many of our urban communities.  But a dad who lives in the suburbs, has a minivan, 2 kids, and a dog can also be “missing.” We get so busy in our activities — some of them very good ones — that we miss spending the time we should with our kids.

I didn’t generally have a problem with the “quality” time over “quantity” time issue when it came to our 2 boys.  I recall James Dobson saying that kids only understand quantity time.  I think he was right.  And I regret the times that I was there physically, but not mentally.  Yes, I was there, but I was thinking about other things:  Items on my “to do” list, emails I had to write, Nascar, SEC Football (I’ve gone to meddlin’ now, haven’t I?!), any number of things took my attention away from my little ones when their lives were being formed. I regret the opportunities that I know I lost along the path with our boys. I can only rely on God’s grace to make up the difference for my own failures.

Dads, sometimes we need to reassess and redial back the activities in our lives to be the kind of parents God wants us to be. (And this can be true for moms, as well).  The above verse is a verse of revival — may God “revive” the hearts of dads all across America to be the kind of dads He wants us to be!  Ponder this as you pray today.

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