Day 31

Awaken Us: 40 Days to Fast & Pray – Day 31


*Revival meetings do not usually occur during the Christmas holidays.  Many church members would not attend if one were scheduled because of the holiday bustle.  Maybe revival meetings are impractical, but not the spirit of revival itself.  What better time to have real revival than during the Christmas season?

It does not take an evangelist to preach a meeting duing the holidays.

Every Christmas, we should renew some things in our hearts…….

I.      Our Humility  (Phil. 2:8)
What a pattern Christ was to teach us humility!  Even in His birth, He taught us to be humble.  God chose to introduce His Son to us in humble circumstances.
II.     Our Faith  (Gal. 3:22)
Faith is trusting a God you cannot see.  Jesus was the true representation of God, and came to show us Himself.
III.   Our Worship  (Ps. 29:2)
Christ’s birth was attended by the worship of both angels and humankind.  Christmas reinforces to us God’s desire to be worshipped.
IV.  Our Sacrifice   (Rom. 12:1)
The Father gave His best when He sent Christ, His Son, to earth.  His birth and death was a divine necessity for us to be saved.  The Son gave Himself in life and in death.  What will we sacrifice for Him?
V.   Our Holiness  (1 Pet. 1:16)
Christ opened up the way for us to live holy lives.  The goodness of man is as filthy rags to God.  Christ’s birth, life and death on the cross gives us the opportunity to live holy.  Let us renew our resolve to live pure!
VI.  Our Love   (John 3:16)
Christmas is a time of love, even in society.  Lost humanity tries to honor the example of Christ’s birth.  But only the Christian can really understand the love of God.  Why is it, then, that many times the world shows love better than us?
VII. Our Hope   (Heb. 6:18-19)
He came as a babe in a manger in answer to prophecy.  He will come again in majesty someday, as well.
* Adapted from
Terry Franklin

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