Day 33

Awaken Us: 40 Days to Fast & Pray – Day 33


“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.” Philippians 2:3

I have always looked forward to Christmas.  As many of you have, I have enjoyed establishing traditions that our boys will always fondly remember! And now that both our sons are married, they will have fun establishing their own with their sweet wives.

What I think I am learning is that revival has everything to do with my own practical everyday living, especially now that we have two “daughters”.  Sometimes I find myself pouting inside when my expectations aren’t fulfilled quite the way I had imagined.  But that’s when God’s Holy Spirit convicts me as I am praying.  Revival in my heart as a mom means that I can go with the flow and allow our “kids” to become grown-ups with their own plans… and as our key verse says, honoring THEM above my own wishes. This verse is awesome as when we heed this exhortation, the fruit is a relationship built on trust… trust that our motives are unselfish and wanting the best for them.

God has reminded me to be flexible with my expectations so I am willing to change and give God the controls.  Really, it’s my job and duty as a mom to have raised our sons with my husband, their dad, to no longer depend on us, but to depend on God.  If I try to hold on to the way I have always done things, I’m not letting God be God in their lives.  I am actually selfishly forcing my own desires on them.

Terry and I have been greatly blessed with both “mother-in-laws” that have always been good at lowering their own expectations to give way to our own new family we have established.  I pray that all of us as moms can heed their example as Godly women and leave the controls in God’s hands.  It can be a painful experience to “let go and let God,” but the rewards are a much more relaxed and fruitful relationship with not only our own kids, but those each of them have chosen to become “one” with through marriage. This joy is one we can’t buy. It is only found in submission to God with a revived heart to be willing to His Word, walking in true humility with our family members, especially our new ones!


Barbi Franklin



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