Day 36

Awaken Us: 40 Days to Fast & Pray – Day 36


We would like to encourage you to pray for revival on our college campuses.  History shows us that it has happened before.  Dr. John Armstrong points out in his book, True Revival that “by 1795, Yale, a previously Christian institution, had only 12 students who openly professed their faith in Christ. This sad situation was the same all across the colonies.

However, God’s mercy was once again near at hand as the second Great Awakening, beginning around 1800, would transform American universities and American culture.

By 1802 … one-third of the student body [at Yale] professed faith in Christ. This, in effect, was the beginning of a new wave of spiritual awakenings that touched Andover, Princeton, Amherst, and other colleges…. During the first half of the 19th century, the nation’s population increased fourfold. During these same years, the church increased tenfold!

In other words, revival changed everything! Let’s pray that God would bring a spirit of revival and awakening to all of our college campuses.  Our Christian colleges desperately need renewal.  Sadly, many operate with a thin veneer of religion and are living off of what God did decades ago. Many a young person has lost their faith on Christian college campuses.

Let’s believe God for Revival among our young people and also on our college and university campuses!


Terry Franklin

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