Day 39

Awaken Us: 40 Days to Fast & Pray – Day 39


“No more let sins and sorrows grow, nor thorns infest the ground.  He comes to make His blessings flow far as the curse is found” from Joy to the World by Isaac Watts

Well, Christmas is over but Barbi and I haven’t taken down the decorations… yet.  I always hate to see Christmas go, and I find myself still humming some of the songs of the season.

I was pondering the above verse from “Joy to the World,” and believe there is an application to revival and awakening. Could it be that the writer, Isaac Watts, was reminding us of the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13?  Obviously, that parable is dealing with how the “seed” of the Gospel is received by various individuals — some of it falls on hard ground, some on rocky ground, some on thorny ground and some on good ground.

Dr. Robert Luginbill has said about the thorny ground: “The ‘thorny ground’ person does put his faith in Christ, but thorns also grow up in his heart. These ‘thorns’ are worldly distractions which compete for his allegiance with the ‘faith-plant’, and eventually win, choking faith back. Such a person ‘hears the word’, but the Word of God sown in his heart is strangled and overcome by a variety of other matters which prove to be more important to him than Jesus Christ.”

I believe this aptly describes where we are at today in our churches.  The thorns — the cares of this world — are choking off the blessing that God wants to give His people. And that’s very sad because God really wants to “make His blessings flow, far as the curse is found.”  That means EVERYWHERE on the face of the Earth.

As you pray on this next to the last day of Awaken Us: 40 Days to Fast and Pray, we hope you will search your own heart for the “thorns” that can hinder all of us from being all God wants us to be. Pray that the “thorns” in our churches and personal lives that hinder  so many from fully receiving the Gospel will be overcome as we continue to pray for revival and awakening in our country in the New Year.  An awakening is well on its way as many more prayer movements are popping up across our nation for 2012!  Keep posted for information on 2012 events at


Terry Franklin


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