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Dear Pastors and Leaders,

Dr. David R. Mains of Mainstay Ministries has been a leader of leaders across America for many years.  His heart for revival and spiritual awakening in America goes way back to the beginning of his ministry which is evident by what he has written for you!  He has offered to write “Sermon Starters” to help you prepare your people for this unique season of prayer and fasting.  We’re all really excited and we know you’ll quickly catch the vision!  Please download the Instructions and each sermon as you need them below.

We value your participation.  You are the heart that will drive this movement as the Shepherds of the flock God loves so dearly!  Thank you for your fearless and bold leadership in uniting the body of Christ for this amazing time of humbling ourselves in prayer and seeking God.  We hope you’ll take advantage of all the resources available on this web site.  An army of prayer warriors are praying for you and your people.  Download the following PDF files by clicking on each link and then save it to your computer:

Instructions & Ideas for Pastors
Fasting Message 1 – Oct 30, 2011 – Always Wanted to See a Miracle
Fasting Message 2 – Nov 6, 2011 – Taking Your Concerns to a New Level
Fasting Message 3 – Nov 13, 2011 – Incredible Role Models
Fasting Message 4 – Nov 20, 2011 – A Different Kind of Thanksgiving
Fasting Message 5 – Nov 27, 2011 – Grow Me Up, Jesus
Fasting Message 6 – Dec 4, 2011 – Not Fun and Games
Fasting Message 7 – Dec 11, 2011 – Getting Our Church Ready

Fasting Message 8 – Dec 18, 2011 – God’s Timing
Fasting Message 9 – Dec 25, 2011 – Middle East Miracle
Fasting Message 10 – Jan 1, 2012 – Wrestling With God

You can also download the banner below for creating posters, fliers, and sign-up sheets as well as “The Story” for the information center at your church:

Awaken Us Banner
The Story

Please feel free to go to our “Join Us” page on this web site to order a FREE DVD of the videos so you can play at least the short version (20 minutes) for your congregation or Bible study group – and they’ll catch the vision too! Or to download an mp4 video of Pastor Sameh’s Interview (short version) to your computer, just right click on the following link below, choose “Save Link As…”, and then choose the location on your computer where you want it to save and press enter (size 236 MB).  The download will start and take approximately 5-10 minutes:  download the mp4 video

We hope you will go to to listen to “LIVE STREAMING” reports from other pastors regularly played if you can’t get an AFR radio signal in your area. Or download their app on your smart phone called “AFR“. And remember, December 31st is the celebration day as the fast is ending on the 30th. We pray you and your church will rejoice together over all that God does through this unique season of prayer and take this last day of the year to thank God for all He has done!

We are so thrilled that you are coming on board!  Please go to our “Join Us” page to let us know you are participating and let’s watch together to see what God will do.  As Pastor Sameh says in the “Leadership Interview” available to view through this web site, he was amazed how even though interest was low at first, the momentum built as God had His way. So don’t get discouraged, just keep going and watch God change hearts as you persevere in your vision!

Awaken Us

Please consider joining “Watchmen on the Wall” of Family Research Council for pastors by CLICKING HERE.  Additional pastoral resources available at Call 2 Fall’s Solemn Assembly Guides page CLICK HERE.

















































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