Ideas for Churches

The following are creative ideas that your church can implement throughout the remainder of these 40 days and throughout 2012 to encourage people to build and keep an ongoing pattern of fasting and prayer in their lives. These come from churches already involved:

Lisa Unkel, Prayer Coordinator for State of Indiana, Dayton UMC:

We currently have going in our church –

  • Wall of testimony/Praise, put a large bulletin area up in main hallway for people to write down a praise or testimony to be an encouragement to someone else. We posted the pictures of the angels with a small testimony about that and every time I am in the church I have heard children speaking about it to others.  One little guy ran up to his mom whom I was speaking with and said, “mom did you see the angels?!”
  • We email daily the petition to pray, thanksgiving and praise and proclamation to all that want it emailed daily (We have a sign-up sheet by the fasting calendar for them to sign-up on)
  • We are praying and opening up the time of prayer to everyone one night a week, with hopes of more times by end weeks.
  • Pastor Mike is speaking about it on Sundays, in some fashion, as to keep it in front of everyone, as well as he and his wife are participating.
  • We are going to get together one evening next week to view the video sermon on the Awaken Us web site:  “My House shall be called a House of Prayer” by Jim Cymbala
  • We have been having a fasting classes weekly to answer questions and have video clips from web site and the Egypt Video disks and other media about fasting and prayer available
  • We are going to put together a 31 day dry erase calendar for people to pick a day of the month they would commit to fasting and prayer  for the upcoming year 2012. Essentially we’d like to have people fasting and praying every day of the year covering 24/7 – 365 with monthly focuses (this will be promoted through email, sermons, skits, announcements, etc…).
  • We gathered all the children’s names (about 700) from all areas within the church and outreaches we support (our mission families kids and kids related to those missions, i.e. Teen challenge, Upwards sports, Navigators…)  We are placing several names each on small cards and placing them on the altar for people to come up and take and commit to fasting and praying for those kids for the next year.
  • It has only just begun!  Where the Lord will lead us is fresh each day.
  • I and others have been encouraging one another throughout the fasting too, by letters, emails and love.
  • We keep promoting the web site to all I speak to and putting it in most daily emails.

Pastor Doug Strader, Milan Baptist Church, Milan, Michigan:

  • We now have 82 people in our church that have signed up and committed themselves to participate…some are doing various forms of fasting, but all are committed to spend significant times in prayer on a daily basis. I’m sure there are more that haven’t signed up.
  • We have planned two corporate prayer times… Monday night, December 12th and Monday night December 19th, both at 7PM.
  • For the next four Sundays… we will have a special time of corporate prayer in the morning services for revival in the church and awakening in our land.
  • I have been writing a 40 days…Thought for the Day and sending it by email to encourage those who are signed up to participate from our church.
  • I have also committed myself to prayer daily for each prayer warrior by name.






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