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After one of their concerts earlier this year, Terry and Barbi Franklin were approached by Christian Missionaries from the Middle East. They shared about a 40 Day Fast that the churches across Egypt had done at the end of 2010 culminating on New Years Eve right before the revolution began. The reports were astounding!

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In downtown Cairo, near Tahrir Square, sits the largest Evangelical Church in the Middle East, Kasr El Dobara, with 7,000 members, having seven weekend services. This prayer and fasting movement was birthed there and the passion quickly spread across Egypt. At this church alone, many thousands of people came to pray daily during these 40 Days to Fast and Pray at the end of 2010. Thousands of Muslims trusted Jesus as their savior during and since this season of prayer, and many have now been coming to worship Him in the churches. Egypt also continues to see more and more churches seeking God and praying together across denominational lines.

Since the New Year of 2011, not only have they seen the Arab Spring, but salvation rates have tripled among Muslims across Egypt and in many other areas of the Middle East. As Terry and Barbi heard this, their hearts were stirred and they began to pray fervently with a deep burden for the churches of America to do the same, following the example of the Egyptian Christians. After several months of prayer, God led them to begin talking to Christian leaders about unifying Christians across America for “40 Days to Fast and Pray” at the end of 2011, November 21st – December 31st.


Kasr El Dobara Church prays for America

In August, God opened a door for them to go to Egypt. While there, they were able to do a video interview with Dr. Sameh Maurice, Pastor of Kasr El Dobara Church, to share on American Television. At the end of the interview, Pastor Sameh asked Terry & Barbi to come to their Monday night prayer meeting to pray for them and for America. As you will see in the videos, it was a very moving experience as the whole church, packed with prayer warriors, stood to fervently pray for this nation and the fast in 2011. As the Franklins have shared their vision and the video interview now available through this site, the inspiration has swiftly set many hearts on fire as we all see our desperate need for renewed hunger for God in the Church and a true sweeping spiritual awakening in our Land!

American Family Association, along with many other Christian leaders and organizations, have begun unifying together in an effort to spread the news. For more information and many daily updates on this unique season of fasting and prayer, you can come right here to this web site

71,000 Christians Meet for All-Night Prayer Meeting: the Largest Christian Gathering in 1,000 years in Egypt Nov 11, 2011

You’ll find Daily Devotions, a Prayer Calendar, web site links to teaching on prayer and fasting, recommended books and Bible reading, a video series by Terry & Barbi, as well as inspirational media links, as well as current interviews with pastors and leaders that are seeing God move in their churches on nationwide video and radio from  There are also be helps for pastors and leaders. These include a special informative section of the interview with Pastor Sameh for leaders and FREE “Sermon Starter” downloads by David Mains of Mainstay Ministries as tools for pastors that want help to guide their people through this 40 day fast.

Let us pray that a Great Awakening spread once again across our land as it is in the Middle East!  According to, “a leading Saudi Arabian Muslim Sheikh, Ahmad al Qatanni, recently reported on al-Jazeera TV that every day ‘16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity.’ He claimed that Islam was losing 6 million Muslims a year to “becoming Christians.” This he described as ‘a tragedy’.

CLICK HERE to see video of 71,000 meeting on 11-11-11 outside the Cave Church in Cairo, Egypt for all-night prayer meeting!

DVD’s of Pastor Sameh’s video interviews are also available through our “Join Us” link of all three versions seen on this site to help you spread the vision with others and unite for “40 Days to Fast and Pray”.  We pray all these tools, with your help, will spark a wildfire of unified prayer across this nation among the whole body of Christ. Come back soon for more updates! If you want updates sent right to your email inbox, please email us at or or call us at 615-773-8480. We are suggesting that you consider sending a tax-deductible donation of any size to help us cover the costs of the production and other administrative expenses pertaining to this effort. May God richly bless you, your family and church as we see God’s strategy unfold and the fruit of many thousands of unified prayers! (We’re praying for millions!)






























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