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Video Message Series for Awaken Us by Terry and Barbi Franklin:

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Message 1:  “Wake Up! Wake Up!” by Barbi Franklin
Message 2:  “Walk in God’s Power” by Barbi Franklin
Message 3:  Terry & Barbi Pray with You for Revival & Awakening 001

“Jesus was clear when he instructed, as recorded in Matthew 6:16-18, that WHEN, not if, we fast, the Father will bless us if our hearts our right before Him. Therefore, we must acknowledge this spiritual mandate for there is great power in the combination of fasting and prayer when God’s people are humble before His throne of grace. The teachings and practice of fasting ought to occur more frequently, with passion and perseverance in these days within the body of Christ. Everything is at stake! I encourage you to engage this place of consecration that you may experience the fullness of His blessing in this high calling!”

Lisa Crump
Director of Prayer Mobilization
National Day of Prayer Task Force











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  1. mahahakim says:

    My Name is Maha Hakim
    I am an Egyptian American, Pastor Sameh is my Pastor, we have been touched and affected by the prayer move in Egypt and in our local church in Arcadia CA we have been praying for a revival for the youth of America, we started a prayer room “the Breakthru” we pray four nights a week.
    we will happily join the fourty days of fasting and prayer and we would love to partner with you in any way possible.
    please contact me i am in Arcadia CA, i’m not sure which state you are at, but let us spread the fire and the word about the 40 days of fasting and prayer.
    May the Lord bless you and use you
    My email is

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